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The Matrix Model

The Matrix Model is the most widely researched, recognized treatment model for addiction.  It was initially developed as a method of treatment to specifically help people recovering from stimulants such …

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How to Choose the Best Alcohol Treatment Program for You

Alcohol addiction can be a devastating and debilitating problem, but the good news is that help is available. Choosing the right alcohol treatment program can make all the difference in …

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Meeting our Needs

Beneath every behavior, there is a feeling. And beneath every feeling is a need. If, when we meet that need – rather than focusing on the feeling it satisfies, We …

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Benefits of Virtual IOP

When you or a loved one are struggling with addiction issues during a turbulent time, and when the comfort of your own home feels like the safest place to be, …

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Marijuana and Hallucinogen Use Among Young Adults Reaches All Time High

Marijuana and hallucinogen use among young adults reached a time-high in 2021 NIH-supported study also found that past-month vaping levels rebound after an early pandemic drop August 22, 2022 Marijuana …

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Working with a Qualified Counselor for In-Person or Online Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Which Level of  Treatment for Alcohol or Drug Abuse is Appropriate for Me? Working with a Qualified Counselor to Help me get the Right Help for my needs As we …

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Where Should I Go for Help? Making an informed choice

Making an Informed Decision. How Can I Know What Kind of Treatment I Need for Alcoholism or Drug Abuse? Of the 40,000,000 people in the United States who suffer from …

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May is Mental Health Month – What can you do?

For those of us who labor in the field of Mental Health 365 days a year, we appreciate the focus given to this set of conditions each year in May.  …

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A Community of Caring Providers

A Community of Caring Providers Recovering from a dependency on alcohol or drugs requires a community of providers from detox to hospital inpatient to residential care to intensive outpatient and …

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Understanding Why Forgiveness is Important

Understanding Why Forgiveness is Important Culturally we have difficulty with the concept of forgiveness.  This is unfortunate since many people would benefit by forgiving.  Lack of understanding, however, keeps them …

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