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Our Programs

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What We Offer For In-Person & Online Virtual Addiction Help

Below are the various components of what a patient at Life Management Resources will experience

The Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is a Nationally Recognized form of treatment. The Model that we use is based on the Matrix Model which is the most widely researched, empirical, and evidenced based program.

The IOP is a combination of group therapy, individual therapy and Family Support programs that works together to help you build a lasting recovery. Meeting three times per week in either morning or evening sessions, the program will nurture you mentally and spiritually and guide you to the life you want to have.

Help begins with a plan. Simple enough. Each person who enters a program of recovery has different needs, different skills and a different life history. There is no one exactly like you so the strategies we need to help you must start with a plan.

This will become your treatment plan. It has always been our belief that Alcohol and Drugs are not a problem – they are a solution. They are the solution you have used to calm the anxiety or other negative feelings you get that came from past experiences in your life.

What you need, and what we will help you find, is a Better Solution. A solution that will enable you to lead your life without the needs for substances

Families and Relationships operate in a dysfunctional state when alcohol and drugs are in the equation. Each week we will offer a Family Support session for the family members of your group to answer any questions they may have.We will present skills to help them deal with you in a manner that will maximize your success. If at any time in treatment you feel that a family session with just you and your family would be beneficial, we will accommodate that need.
We provide Professional Substance Abuse Evaluations. Our evaluator is the most qualified evaluator in the Metroplex and functions as an independent evaluator. Her purpose is to help you explore the most needed help for you. We are just one of several sources she may refer you to.

The Supportive Outpatient Program (SOP) is a continuation of the Intensive Outpatient Program. Everyone doesn’t recover at the same speed. Some patients are doing well at the end of IOP. You may feel you need additional support. If so, this is available with the Supportive Outpatient Program which meets 2 times per week in group session and with your counselor every other week until you feel comfortable and confident in your own abilities to maintain a successful recovery.

Aftercare is always available for those graduates who wish to remain part of the recovering community. You are never a “non-patient” we will always be here to support you and welcome you back for a visit anytime.

Where group counseling helps you with skill development and peer support, Individual Counseling is purely about you and the difficulties and traumas you have confronted in life.

As we build the treatment plan together, we will work together to uncover the issues that precipitated your need to use substances to avoid the negative feelings that occur when you are triggered by something in the environment. We call this “discovering the underlying pathology,” or finding the “roots” of your substance abuse.

This process helps you find the things that cause the anxiety or negative feelings and work to wrestle away their control over your daily life. By doing this you may be aware of the events you have confronted in life, but they will no longer exert power over you. This is the Better Solution that gives you the life you always wanted to have.

Today, many medications are available to assist you with your recovery. These work to block the cravings and the desire to drink or use drugs. We are privileged to have a working relationship with a local Physician who is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Medication-assisted treatment is instrumental in helping you recover easier and faster.


Do Online Programs Work?

The answer is “Yes.”  There have been many studies that state resoundingly that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.  Much is due to the vast improvement in technologies that allows us to move beyond the “skype” technology, to a full video conferencing platform designed specifically for healthcare, that keeps the session content just as it would be if we were all in the same room.

Some of the reasons I see that make it so successful are the following:

  • You are anonymous. We seek to get people in a group from different areas so you are not known by others.  I have found that this is a major concern to many people.
  • You are participating in a completely relaxed location, your home. Much of the success of treatment is being in a place of safety where you can be open and honest about your issues.  This is helpful in group sessions where you can share your issues with others and they can with you.  Your thoughts about what might help them may be just what they need – after all, you share a common experience and want a common solution.
  • In your individual sessions with your counselor you again are in the safest, most comforting place you can be. Being relaxed and comfortable is crucial to helpful therapy. We are most open, when we feel the safest.

If you have concerns regarding Online Virtual addiction help in Plano or anywhere else, please contact me,  Dr. Fred J. Hansen,  fred@lifemanagementresources.com

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