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Call Now For A Confidential Consultation

If you need help, or you are a family member needing help – reach out! Call us at
972-985-7565, or Toll Free at 888-602-1866. We can arrange for you to visit the program, no cost, no commitment – just see if the exceptional programs of LMR may be right for you!

Life Management Resources Mission Statement

We Save Lives

Life Management Resources exists to provide the highest standard of professional therapeutic treatment, education and recovery support service to patients and their families. In a variety of programs, we focus on identifying not only the presenting needs of the patient, but the historical and environmental effects that may be negatively impacting their progress and recovery.

Working hand in hand with our patients, we develop a treatment plan that provides opportunity for growth and personal development, not only for the patient, but integrated to include the family as well. Life Management Programs are available to participants from the age of 17 and up.

With our Joint Commission Accreditation, we are able to work with almost all major health insurance carriers. We work on a sliding scale with all program participants to insure that cost is not a barrier to treatment. Our goal is to provide the quality and quantity of care necessary to meet the challenges of your life based on a mutual assessment of your needs.

Let Today Be The First Day Of Your New Life!

If you are reaching out for help for the first time or the final time, help is available and recovery is possible. There is a time and a place in your life when you know that it is the right moment to act. If this is the time, we are prepared to walk side by side with you down the road of recovery.

If you are a family member realizing that the time has come when something has to be done, we welcome you and will work with you to encourage recovery on the part of your family member.

The American Psychiatric Association classifies alcoholism and drug addiction as a progressive, chronic and lethal disease if left untreated. Addiction does not go away. Denial on the part of addicts and their families only continues the insanity.

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