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Online Help for Substance Abuse and Covid 19

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Online Treatment

Recovery at the Right Place at the Right Time

What a strange period of time this has been for us all. Little did I know 8 years ago when I started looking into a way to provide Online treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse, that my efforts would prove to be so timely and valuable to so many needing help.

My initial goal was to provide a way for patients to participate who were ill and could not come into the treatment center, or lacked childcare, or had car trouble. So many things could happen to cause someone to miss their treatment program.


Our in-person Groups were dynamic as was the camaraderie, with lots of shared coffee and food. We genuinely enjoyed it. There were, however, reasons why an in-person group was a problem for some patients.

“I have been asked for decades what I believe the reason is that so few who need help for alcoholism or substance abuse fail to reach out to receive it. My answer has always been the fear of the loss of autonomy, worrying that someone they know or do business with, may see them go into the building. Or, perhaps, simple embarrassment. I used to jest about the “skid marks” outside the door to our facility where family members had “dragged” their loved one in for help. Sounds funny, but it is true.”


In the Midst of the Pandemic, I find Thankfulness

When the pandemic hit, we were ready. I had already been using an online platform for intakes and individual sessions. We had done some limited groups experimentally. I had worked with the Texas Department of State Health Services to write new rules to allow for the possibility of using online treatment in the years to come, not knowing it would be so soon.

In March of 2020, the State Health Department banned in-person groups in treatment facilities. We got that memo on March 16, 2020. We began Online Treatment on March 17, 2020. Being the first treatment facility to do so, we were thankful that 100% of our patients were able to complete their treatment program Online.

For those needing help today, please reach out. Alcoholism and drug dependency are a disease that can be overcome. No need to worry about coming into a facility. Get a hot cup of coffee, settle in at your computer and begin the great adventure of Recovery. You will be so thankful for the opportunity.

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