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What Do We Do?

I attended a Plano Chamber of Commerce social recently and several people asked me “what do you do?” I love the question but it does present some difficulty answering. My simple answer is, “we save lives.” Of course then they want to know how we do that. I explain that we help people recover from the abuse and dependency on alcohol or drugs. Usually there is some story they have about a friend or family member who went through this difficulty which just proves that we all know someone who needs help. Several people asked me how much it cost. Love that question because they were owners of local businesses. I explained to them that they had already paid us for the help. We were just waiting to provide the service. This results in a confused look. I explain that in their generosity they had provided medical insurance for their employees and so the cost was paid – we were simply waiting for the employee to call and let us begin the process of restoring their life to one of joyfulness, purpose, and productivity. They like the productivity part. It’s a national problem we have, the difficulties that people face in life are too often mitigated by the use of alcohol or drugs. As a result of that behavior productivity drops and too often great employees lost their job before they are able to get help. This is a lose/lose for the employer and the employee.

If you are suffering or know someone who is, please let them know that help is available and in most cases has already been paid for by their employer. Life should be great. If it isn’t let us help you reclaim it. Dr. Fred

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