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So many are getting help life management resources

So Many Getting Help

I am so excited about our facilities. My office is in the Plano Treatment Facility and every time I walk in the door, the rooms are filled with folks getting help in the Intensive Outpatient Program, Supportive Outpatient Program, visiting with their counselor, getting evaluations to see what kind of help they need. It’s amazing. And now we have so many other programs going on to help people as we continue to grow offering DWI Courses, Drug Offender Education courses, MRT Program, Anger Management Program and our newest the Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Evaluation program. The rooms and offices are filled 70 hours a week with people getting help, making wonderful changes in their life.

I remember when I started LMR in 1999 waiting on the first patient to come to the Intensive Outpatient Program. It had taken me over a year to get licensed and to meet all the necessary standards and here I was waiting on the first person. Finally, one showed up and we started with a one-person group. Two days later two more joined and we actually had a “group.” Since then over 18,000 have come for help. My heart is filled with so much thankfulness for all of you who have come, giving us a chance to save your life.

So many, so thankful. If you need help, please reach out and let us be of support to you.

Dr. Fred

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