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Everybody Knows Somebody Who Needs Help

Everybody knows somebody who needs help!

After decades of working with folks who abuse alcohol and drugs, I’m still amazed at almost any conversation I am in where someone mentions a friend, relative or acquaintance who needs help. I think this is because they know I am in the “helping” business, but it demonstrates how vast the problem is. Recently a nurse in Texas watching an HGTV series noticed the builder had a lump in his throat that she knew was larger than it should be. She didn’t know him but still managed to get in touch with his director who got the message to him. Thyroid Cancer. She saved his life.

Well, if someone can save the life of someone on TV, why can’t we reach out to someone we care about, someone we know and let them know that life can get so much better without substances? It’s only a conversation. Doesn’t cost any money, just takes a couple of minutes. The reward, you get to be part of a process that Saves a Life! How good can it get? Please reach out today, don’t let their life reach the bottom where they consider it worthless and perhaps choose to end it.

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