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Social Anxiety Adolescents

Social anxiety is painful and anguishing for a child and or adolescent. It can interfere with social functioning, and relationships. Shy children often avoid situations where they might be judged. Avoidance is the behavior most often associated with social anxiety. Most people would not willingly or easily put themselves in a situation where they believe they will be judged negatively and children may protest when adults attempt to force them into social situations (Manassis, 2008).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Social Anxiety

The goal of CBT for social anxiety is often increased social interaction with minimal anxiety. Successful treatment may result in the ability of the child to interact in any group or social situation without anxiety and with little or no concern about being evaluated or judged. Successful treatment may result in the elimination of avoidance behaviors.

Social anxiety disorder is very treatable. Psychotherapy research studies have shown that CBT is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders in general and social anxiety in particular.

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